EastEnders: The Moon quotient seems to be doubling by the week. Anthony's arrived now, and he helped David Essex to scam new work premises. And, in true Moon style, it all went bits up, which was the least of David Essex's worries considering Jean's started to reeeeeally fancy him. Lola continued to flirt with Jay but he's not interested for some reason. Meanwhile, Rainie insisted she is a reformed character and tried spreading the word of the Bible. She also wafted some home troofs towards Lauren regarding Ryan's drug dealing. Doubt that'll put her off.

Emmerdale: Proving that soapland is full of highly rational females, Katie was disappointed that her fellah of five minutes, Declan, wanted to put Mia - his daughter - first. C'mon Katie, I know you were held at gunpoint by your last boyfriend, but Mia's been through the mill for someone who's breezed through life. As the first day of Aaron's trial dawned, Hazel was a wee bit on the worried side, and rightly so considering her evidence unwittingly damaged his case. Elsewhere, the world's most unlikely mechanic (Debbie) was worried that Samson's been belting Sarah; Val and Pollard were left rattled by an Amy related burglary; and Jimmy informed Carl of Scarlett’s money troubles. Well, she needs a storyline of some sort before she leaves.

Coronation Street: Steve was left jarred by Becky's impromptu holiday romance, and by Becky in general, so he did the reasonable thing and hopped into bed with the very stable Tracy. He just loves vaulting from the frying pan into the fire and back again does Steve. Meanwhile, Audrey stood by Audrey II (is it wrong that Marc's a prettier version of her?); Amber cast aside her issues for a night on the tiles with Tommy (nope, I don't buy them as a couple either); Gary's behaviour reached crisis point, leaving Izzy fearing an early grave; and - FINALLY - there was hope on the horizon for Julie’s love life.

Fair City: Poor Damien, he's always distraught over someone. This week's he was wildly attempting to locate Mark who was blanking his phone. Barry and Vivienne enjoyed a breakfast together and the latter seized the opportunity to gripe about her children's negative view of their relationship... not enough for one of them to inform her that Barry's a killer, mind. Speaking of Sarah, her mother appeared out of nowhere - namely to state the obvious to the likes of Suzanne (something about Sarah being pig headed and self righteous). Finally, despite a legion of people trying to horse their dinner into them, we witnessed Tommy exciting Jo by stealing an, um, intimate moment in public...