Coronation Street: Just when Steve thought his finances couldn't get more hairy, Tracy's routine scan threw up twins. Tah-daah. Cue Tracy burbling on within earshot of Becky how she can manage to give Steve three babies after a mere two encounters. Lloyd's frustration spiralled as Chris competed for Cheryl's affections (he needn't worry though; Cheryl seemed more intent on getting the ex-hubby back with Maria - which didn't quite work out too well. He whinged at her in the Rovers and then basically told her where to go). Elsewhere, Eileen's 50th birthday bash ended with her being severed from some railings by a rather fanciable fireman.

Emmerdale: Laurel was the only person surprised by her feelings when she clocked Marlon out on a(n enforced) date with Rachel. Luckily for Laurel, Ashley created a situation whereby his wife was forced to spend time with Marlon, so they repay him by almost kissing. Chas begged Hazel not to give up on Aaron (even though he's asked them to on innumerable occasions), Debbie and Andy were rocked by devastating news about Sarah, Charity started to have wedding doubts ('cause she clocked Cain getting busy with his tool in the garage), and somebody had to pay the price for Victoria's principles.

EastEnders: The feud between Patrick and Phil escalated, leading to the latter making the cornerstone of soap trajectory - a "shock decision". Meanwhile, Ben tried to tell his Dad the troooof about his sexuality, but Phil didn't want to 'ear it. Surprising for Phil. Meanwhile, the Moon family were excited to meet Craig. The day initially went well, but things took a turn for the worse when Craig overheard a conversation. Tyler pushed Whitney away, and - after his feud with Eddie goes awry - Michael reached rock bottom and then tried to feel Janine's, while Tanya continued to struggle with Lauren fussing over her.

Fair City: After Sean bad-mouthing him, Bob marched over to Number 41 and ripped up the agreement that Rebecca gave him to prove how much he cares (attractive). Next thing we knew, Bob's convincing Rebecca of his sincerity and she gave Sean control of the house - leaving Finn grovelling for a room. After Dermot had a conniption over Ben getting a new trackie, Jo thought nothing of taking some work off her lover's daughter. Indeed, Judith gave Jo some of Caoimhe's hours, leaving the latter barking about bringing her mother to court. Meanwhile, Carol informed Charlie that if he asked for her mayoral chain again, he'd "get it where he feels it".