Coronation Street: After all the hissy fits about how he wanted to be dad to Max, David went and loses the little fellah the minute he was left in his charge. Not to worry, Why himself and Kylie, AND Becky didn't look in the back room of t' Rovers first is a wonder (in narrative)… In other raging Platt news, Nick and Eva took the law into their own hands, and it turned them on quite a bit. Luckily Gail's face was there to cool things down. Sophie was jealous of Amber's new relationship - so she asked Sian to elope; Tina dumped Doctor Matt after he admitted he wasn't in to dating a waitress (don't fret, Tommy's there to comfort her); and wee Simon Barlow did a cracking Cilla Black impersonation.

Emmerdale: Amy went into premature labour (that usually happens when a teenager in Soapland is either trying to hide her pregnancy or is unaware she's pregnant) and swiftly did a Debbie Dingle (i.e. gave birth alone in precarious circumstances. Details? OK, in a grave yard, and then she left her son in a phone box). She then, of course, confided in David, who promptly informed Val and Pollard of the situation. Belle meanwhile let an ashen-bearded Zak know who the father is… Speaking of Cain, he's after getting his wish - Jai and Charity have put the wedding off, and Priya still seems to find him attractive. Meanwhile Declan appears to relish disapproving looks; he only asked Katie to marry him.

EastEnders: The Brannings attempted to support Tanya as she started treatment again, but Rainie - of all people - is finding it hard to forgive the whole father situation. Roxy needed dirt on Jack in order to get Amy back but got more than she bargained for when she dug a little deeper into Derek's past. Ain't he a naughty boy. As it happens Denise and Heather got more than an eyeful when they walked in on Derek and Rainie getting it on. C'mere, if she tried it on with Phil she's liable to try it on with anything; it'll be Dot's laundrette pinnie next. Elsewhere, the Masoods's divorce was finalised (it involves a bit more than Mas mumbling some words across a table), while the Moons got into a lather over some dodgy washing machines.

Fair City: Neasa's finally moved out of the nest, but not without her mother's help. Shame Jo was in the midst of cleaning the new abode when Judith and Neasa arrived. Naturally enough, she fled, leaving Judith in the vicinity of her mobile - and Tommy's name flashing on the screen (he was only warning Jo that the wife was on her way round. What a gent). Dean thought he is in with a chance with Sash when they mildly flirted in Vinos (he's wrong), and Pete had to supress a retching fit when he learned Caoimhe and Decco had been wriggling around his bed in his absence.