EastEnders: Now that the festive season has well and truly come to a close, and therefore the "end-of-episode-musical-montages", panto inspired "he's behind you!" scenarios and 'booze in every scene' has marginally dissipated, we're back to busi-ness as usual. Morgan lead Whitney to go behind Bianca's back; he wants to know where his dad is, you see. Thing is, though, Morgan's dad isn't aware of his existence - apart from Bianca informing him that his dad is Barack Obama. At least both Fats and Tyler were there to support Whitney... Bianca's suspicions of Mandy and Ricky have the usual devastating consequences (everyone found out they're at it), which is pretty bad timing considering Pat was about to be laid to rest. But not as bad as Carol and David getting it on in Pat's death-bed... or Lauren spewing at the funeral.

Emmerdale: As the ramifications hit home for Cain's attacker – that being Zac, everyone was determined to hide the truth from Debbie - much like Shirley hiding the troof about Ben being Phil's stalker. Don't dwell on that imagery. After a few false starts at the 'natural method' regarding 'Project sibling for Sarah', Andy started to have the inevitable 'feelings' for her. More "trouser stirrings" but that amounts to "undying love' in Soapland. Val was jealous that Amy confided in Sandy (it's possibly the first time they've spoken, so why not) instead of her; while Laurel mulled over the prospect of leaving the village. It wasn't a good mull either.

Coronation Street: Peter couldn't quite hold his nerve when confronted by Stella about Car-la's necklace. And then a bereaved Anne and Sally saw Peter and Carla in the factory… so Frank's now got a private detective. Becky was too perennially wound up by Steve to notice she has a new admirer - some randomer called Danny (who you may or may not recognise from Natalie Imbrugilia's Torn video). When she did cop, she found herself quite smitten, but then she headed round to his and got a bit of an eye opener. He's got a son. The Rovers gained a new barmaid after Dev pushes his luck - enter Sunita. Owen was in Hulk mode when his fish were poisoned; and Tyrone was forced to make a life changing decision after some news from the doctor. Kirsty's only pregnant with his child.

Fair City: In some interesting times, Louie fought with Carol when he found out that she put summink in Jack's milk to get him to sleep. Things then got nasty when he told her that Ingrid would never do that and Carol stormed off. Just for a walk, mind. Orla was shocked when she saw Rachel being bullied by Dave and another gaggle of students about her 'stealing' make up, while Charlotte stood by, smirking. Tommy, Judith and Caoimhe made their way for Caoimhe's hearing (remember she was done for 'Drunk and Disorderly) and Decco attempted to join them. Tommy, however, told him to go for a hop and Caoimhe put the boot in by telling him being seen with a Bishop will only make matters worse. Oh, and Jo left for Cork.