Coronation Street: Becky is no longer "Torn" (apologies) over Danny's feelings for her, so she headed around to his for a bit of bonding with Natalie Imbruglia's former video fodder and his son, Billy. During the flurry of dates that ensued, Danny let slip that he was there the night Tracy collapsed at his hotel, which was quite the handy bit of information for Becky. Shame she nearly jeopardised it all by basically breaking into the local clinic's medical files. Owen lashed out at Faye when she announced she murdered his beloved fish (she didn't so much announce it, more Owen smelled creosote off her washing); Tyrone took Kirsty and her womb baby back as he's desperate to be a daddy; while Eileen didn't have the best of experiences while looking after Lesley.

EastEnders: Tanya and Max hauled Lauren off to a counsellor to address her drinking issues - a wise move considering she threw up at Pat's funeral before threatening to hurl herself out a window. Just as a new mature Lauren appeared a while back, we now have a new mature Lucy Beale to familiarise ourselves with. Mandy decided to go down the Big Sister as opposed to Step Mother route, so she got hammered and decided to go score some pillz. Lucy was quick to plant the drugs in Bobby's presence, but her plan backfired. Bianca had a hectic week between getting marriage counselling off Carol (of all people), Liam bunking school, and the arrival of Morgan's father Ray - not to mention the departure of Ricky (she asked him to leave). Ben, meanwhile, looked like he he might tell DCI Marsden that his Dad pushed Stella off that roof. Well it would be easier than fiddling about with all those envelopes.

Fair City: A slip of the tongue from Caoimhe this week lead her parents to believe they might have the ammo to keep Decco away from her. When they announced they knew Denzo's hiding out in Spain, Decco said something along the lines of "So wha', gis a rake loada sponds an' I might stay clear if yisser dawtah." Val copped an eyeful when she landed in unexpectedly on top of Dean and Sash's, eh, romantic rendezvous, while Dermot confided in Dolores regarding Jo's disappearance. She was quick to point out that fostering the other pair probably isn't the best of ideas at the moment.

Emmerdale: Val's dream of grandparenthood was quashed as Amy signed the adoption papers before moving in with David. Who she used to stalk, and then blackmailed... Laurel also put the kybosh on Ashley's plans to move to another vickerage by announcing their marriage is over. Hazel is moving away (again), 'cause Pauline Quirke has the stage version of Birds of a Feather to star in; Debbie must be a dab hand in the bedroom as Andy's renewed "love" started to unnerve her; and Rodders leather necklace almost snapped when he realised Carl landed him in it with the law.