Coronation Street: It's official. There can't be a rushed Corrie wedding without some form of interruption. Not this time, though - Becky let Steve and Tracy get married - she held off on the miscarraige date clanger until the reception (you'll never guess the venue.) The usual trail of destruction is left in her wake, but at least Steve followed her to the airport with something resembling an apology. What followed was probably one of worst Soap exits ever. Stacey Slater taking off in an airplane was one thing, at least that looked real; Becky and Danny propping up an cardboard bar in an MDF airplane was cheesy as f***. If Katherine Kelly's stage career doesn't take off, Becky could be back after a while. You know, when Danny cops that the woman he professed his love to after a week is a raging alcoholic. Meanwhile, Jason was left addled by Eileen and Paul's open relationship (that's what happens when you leave your mum and her married boyfriend alone with a bottle of wine, chuck); Milton (hello Robert Vaughn) arrived on the street to whisk Sylvia off her trotters; Stella and Karl got mortage approval for the boozer (he'll probably spend it all on gambling/wooing Sunita); and Frank's PI did yet more digging.

Emmerdale: After finally realising that Laurel and Marlon didn't really have an affair - in the physical sense anyway - Ashley decided it was time to win Laurel back properly. And that meant not leaving the village. In yet more marital happenings, Charity's hen night was a washout 'cause she has no mates, and then she nearly faild to show to the ceremony itself as she found out she's due to be a granny again. Yes, Debbie is pregnant - but whoever is the father?! OK, it's Andy's. Cameron is not thrilled. Moira was gutted that John doesn't see a future for them anymore, while Aaron chose to decline Hazel's offer of travelling round the world with her. How she was planning to pay for it all is anyone's guess.

EastEnders: The Mitchells were left reeling when DCI Marsden arrived to inform them that they have now arrested Phil on suspicion of murder as a new witness has come forward with damning evidence to one of his previous crimes. It's not long before Derek sidled up to Phil with an offer for his business conglomerate. Phil agreed. I too smell a fishy. Jane relayed her fears to Tanya about leaving Walford but when Tanya misinterpreted this as Jane changing her mind about going, the latter couldn't bring herself to break the bad news to her friend. Ray returned to Walford determined to be part of Morgan's life (he also wants his daughter to get in on the action), while Zainab put a plan into action in the hope of getting Tamwar to speak. Things didn't work out great when he did. Some people are just so arsey when it comes to boardgames.

Fair City: Robert returned to win back Sash's heart with tales of how he gave up job offers to be wih her. In short, Sash needed choose between her two suitors - and Robert came armed with a present. I've managed to avoid Fair City all week so I'm not sure who she went for in the end. Probably Dean. Val's relentless attempts at romancing Leo were scuppered by the sudden arrival of his ex wife, Sandie and daughter, Shannon. Elsewhere, things started to get on top of Dermot, while Ray and Keith fought again. Is this bromance beginning to crumble?!?