Coronation Street: The time has come for Rosie's bobbles to bid farewell to the cobbles. Just when she lost her job, she got an offer to partake in a TOWIE type reality show in Landan. Jason wasn't invited. Bye, bye Helen Flanagan, your cleavage will be dearly missed. But not by Jason much, 'cause he gets to move in with Tina in their old flat (Eileen's only gone and taken Paul and Leslie in after they suffered a housing issue. That won't be awkward at all). Kirsty stopped Tyrone from building bridges with Tina; Steve upped the ante in a bid to push Tracy out; and in light of recent events, Carla toyed with turning her back on Underworld? Peter certainly wants her to, what with his suggestion that they sell up and flee the street. There is, however, the small matter of Simon to contend with.

Emmerdale: Wow, John really felt he had the hots for Chas; he's only went and asked Moira for a divorce. In fact, John was so certain of his feelings for Chas that he invited her back to his farm for a roll in the hay. Sadly other parts of John didn't appear to feel the same way, so the date didn't end on a high note. Rachel’s embarrassed when she misread signals from Marlon - again. Rachel, nothing's going to happen between you and him until you unleash the mane from that bun. Declan was relieved to reveal his secret plans to his new roomy, Katie, while Val's holiday plans for the family were slightly disingenuous.

EastEnders: It was inevitable that Abi and Jay would become Albert Square's resident Romeo and Juliet; the houses of Mitchell and Branning were at war thanks to Michael's meddling during Amy's custody trial. Or perhaps Roxy and Jack will be the star crossed lovers, they jumped into the scratcher on Monday night's episode. That's what a few glasses of wine will do to you. Keeping with meddling sorts; Rose indicated to Heather that she's not thrilled by the prospect of being her mother-in-law, while the new Lucy was still determined to bring Ian and Mandy's wedding plans to a halt. Luckily for Lucy, her soon-to-be stepmother kept getting mysterious phone calls, which Ian's bound to be freaked about.

Fair City: With Sandie still out to tarnish his name, Dean was urged to try and mend his relationship with Leo before he left. Sandie was willing to go to great lengths to keep the two men from reconciling. I can't be more specific than that, mainly because I missed this again this week... Suzanne was hopeful that a reluctant Yvonne will be her birth partner. That's unlikely given Yvonne started flirting up a storm with Finn just to get a break from the incessant baby banter. Meanwhile, Dermot was gutted to learn that Niamh may have shopped him to social services.