Coronation Street: Tommy seemed hell bent on spending his inheritance left to him by his granddad on wooing Tina. He should keep his sheckles considering his loving father is putting in an appearance next week. Carla agreed to Sally buying half the factory. Thing is, the latter wanted a stint at playing manager before she came across with the cash, which isn't at all irritating. Ken copped just how much Leanne loved Simon; Nick had plans to expand his gastronomic empire; and Stella almost got more than she bargained for when she called round to Sunita's to have a natter about Karl... who was tucking in his shirt in the kitchen.

EastEnders: Shirley got an eye opener when she realised Phil was in contact with Social Services in an effort to get George reunited with dad Darren, which came to fruition by the way. Ben meanwhile announced he was “born evil” when being questioned during his CPS interview, just to wind them up. Really he should've made that declaration during his eulogy at Hevvah's really tasteful funeral... Before all that though, Dot publicly defended Andrew (yes, in The Vic); Janine attempted to make some wedding plans while dealing with her debilitating pregnancy cravings; there was some weird business between Michael and Jean involving the chopping of eight pounds of tomatoes and sausage surprise; while Ian ploughed ahead with his plans for the Cafe.

Fair City: Having Carol and Ingrid playing happy families was always going to be tricky. All Louis needed to do during the week was insist Yvonne take up residence in the box room to have the full set. Not to worry, Carole, she'll be gone soon. Paul, meanwhile, was counting down the days to Niamh's return, although he wasn't sure what kind of reception he'd get after his email. Charlie started having the heebie jeebies as his nuptials with Esther drew closer (fair enough. But he was more put out by the amount of people she wanted to invite, as opposed to her questionable acting), while the resident teens - comprising of Shannon, Rachel and the lovely Charlotte - had their ciggie selling empire rumbled.

Emmerdale: When Zak keeled over in the Woolly, everyone assumed it was a heart attack. It is, however, a panic attack (or indigestion, a few diagnosisisissiis were flying around), so Zak decided to discharge himself after he was hospitalised. Despite being paranoid regarding potential gossip being spread about him, Ashley continued with his menacing behaviour, leaving Sandy considering calling adult social services himself. Emmerdale's resident Yoda (Diane) gave Chas some more sage advice; Katie gave Declan yet another ultimatum; and Bob got a distressing phone call. Summink along the lines of, "I'm orf for six months with a new fellah, you can have Elliot."