EastEnders: Mandy was determined to get things back on track with Ian, but there was no need for her to be so freaked given he's forking out a wedge on a cruise - when his finances are in the skitter. Anyway, Ian was the least of her worries after her doting mother's return. Lorraine's not well. Needless to say, Mandy didn't believe her, to the point of leaving her in a heap outside the Tube. Jay felt increasingly stifled at the Mitchell house and asked Shirley if he can move in with her - but he was a little shocked when he found out where she was living. Heather's old gaff. Michael attempted to wangle money out of both Alfie and Jean; Carol’s financial woes continued and she was forced to think about moving out of Walford (which she does); while Tanya and Max were delighted to welcome Lauren home. Unfortunately it doesn't like she'll be keeping the kitchen sink in the future...

Emmerdale: So, Emmerdale writers are hell bent on getting mileage out of this whole 'Cameron is torn between Chas and Debbie' storyline. This week, he gathered the courage to break up with Debbie, but then Sarah ended up in hospital. In a similarly endless storyline, Alicia was unimpressed when the squawk box (Holly) and David (Beckham) had a flirt. Zak's odd behaviour started to unnerve his family, while Lisa was in a heap, awaiting confirmation if his mythical cancer has indeed returned. Ashley was daunted by his journey of seeking forgiveness; Ruby learned that Sean has been bullied; and Nicola got the hump because Elliot - a toddler - is the centre of attention. She'll end up biting him next.

Coronation Street: Convinced of Terry's dodgy dealings, Kirsty and Tyrone played detective, with the former getting particularly enthused, to the point of risking her career. Tyrone, meanwhile, ends up injured - after Kirsty walloped him across the gob with a ladle (she blamed him for the loss of her job). Julie and Brian were knocked for six by the devastating news that she has a phantom pregnancy. In some light relief, Faye was jarred when a militant Mary babysat, Gail enjoyed winding up Norris when his hanging basket went for a hop, and Kevin changed tack as Sally stood her ground. He tried to pawn off baby jack on Pam for keeps. 

Fair City:
Orla, bereft of a job and a home, returned seeking a fresh start, but really it depended on whether Dermot was ready to forgive and forget. Caoimhe, meanwhile, was revelling in Orla's misfortune, and continued to be a pain in the proverbial at home. Charlotte badgered Rachel into telling Zak all about his dad's affair, which was really sound. At least Decco's home, and he wants to be a good boy, so perhaps he can teach his wagon of a sister to stop bullying her mates. Chance would be a fine ting.