Coronation Street: The wife turning up while you're about to embark on a romantic getaway with her husband is always a drag, but there was no need for manslaughter, Eileen... OK, not quite, but that's what the soap mags were leading us to believe this week. Someone else who came close to walking through the valley of death was Tina, thanks to (the man mountain of overanimation who used to play) Terry Duckworth. He got himself into a spot of bother with that loan shark what spurned Tina's dad into faking his own death, which actually led to his death. Anyway, he pointed them in the direction of his newly minted long lost son, and Tina got caught in the crossfire - the emphasis being on the "fire" (or lack thereof) part. In short, he tried to get Tommy to set fire to the club for an insurance claim, Tina talked Tommy out of it, so Terry pushed her over. Elsewhere, David got lamped and hit on Eva, while Sunita and Karl continued to make us feel queasy over our dinners.

Emmerdale: Zak, convinced his issues involve his physical rather than his mental health, took himself off to the moors to have conversations with various departed friends and family, leaving him convinced Cain's out to kill him. Now, Cain did end up straddling his father from behind shortly afterwards on a grassy knoll, but he appeared to be helping him. If you construe "helping" to be keeping your father in a sleeper hold until he loses consciousness. Ashley reached out to his children with mixed results (daddy's scary); Nicola freaked only slightly out when Elliot goes for a hop while she was forced to look after him; and dipped bronze duo Alicia and Rachel were gutted to see David getting close to Screech Features (AKA Holly. he must be really hard of hearing).

EastEnders: To escape the on-going malaise that is living in Walford, Whitney, Lucy and Lauren decide they need a girly night out - but the evening descends into disaster when Whitney didn't even make it on to the tube (certain non-pregnancy matter to thrash out with Tyler. They're all good now, in fact, he's moving into Pat's with her and Derek), Lauren got hammered again and made the usual questionable choice. This time around, she fell over and ended up in hospital after wearing the face off some bloke with a dodgy car. And, after the inevitable fight, herself and Lucy aren't friends anymore, so they'll have to quiver their lips at other folk on the square for the time being. Ray and Derek did their best to try and convince Carol and the kids not to move away, but Derek need not have fretted too much - he has his own daughter to look after now. Phil got a visit from DCI Marsden, so he did the reasonable thing and reckoned it's time for his faaaahmbily to take a little trip. Jay, however, was hell bent on not going. And Roxy wasn't too keen on the idea either. So Phil's running out of escape options...

Fair City: Newly released jail fodder, Decco and Eddie, were finding it difficult to 'go straight', which was no surprise given their equally murky pasts. Also Decco had Caoimhe's delusions of grandeur to deal with. Let's just say, the prospect of her fellah flipping burgers in the Hungry Pig (Bob offered him a job) wasn't exactly floating her dinghy. Ben's tantrums defeated an overworked Dermot, and events took an embarrassing / wrist grippy turn at the youngster's party; Orla still had her eye on Eddie; and Charlotte actually got asked out on a date. I know, mad innit.