Coronation Street: Wee Simon was free falling this week. He pegged it from school after an altercation with Brian, ran home, hid in a cupboard which just so happened to contain a bottle of wine stashed by Carla. Next thing we knew, he's unconcious on the sofa. He made it though, and got himself a lot of attention in the process. Do not emulate, kids. Meanwhile, Karl was freaked to find Sunita taking up residence with himself and Stella after she left Dev; Audrey copped that Maria has the hots for her gay best mate/manny; while Nick gave a bewildered Eva the night off when she caroused Jason into asking her out on a date.

Emmerdale: Ashley, suddenly determined to get some cash together for his suddenly starving family, hauled all his wordly posessions off to the local pawnbrokers. Cameron and Chas FINALLY managed to get themselves off on a dirty trip for two that didn't involve the inside of the pub lavvies, but then Cain went and spoiled it all. Moira discovered Hannah’s ditched her exams, 'cause she feels she'll have to work on the farm if Holly's headed off to Landan (so she decides to head along with her), while Megan was conflicted about Robbie. But she let him stay at Home Farm. Which is very handy considering its closer to where Preeya lives. Yes, she does love a birra rough.

EastEnders: A heated argument leads to the spark being reignited in Max and Tanya’s relationship but Max is shocked when Tanya asks a life-altering question. Poppy ('member her? The Meercat's mate?) arrives back on the Square, bragging about her new life but she’s clearly hiding something. Lucy plays a dangerous game when she finds out Derek’s probation officer is on the Square. Janine is shaken after a confrontation with Jean about Michael, and Kat is shocked when Roxy confesses what’s been going on between her and Alfie. Which is also news to us.

Fair City: Christy thought Val was bored at work, but he couldn't be further from the truth *waggles eyebrows* Let's just say they started getting busy. That's all your brain can handle of that scenario. Cass discovered Bela's plans to sell the house from under him, so he dumped himself on an unsuspecting Sean; and Neasa found work-shy Finn in a compromising position. Bob slyly revealed Carol and Louie's relationship difficulties to everyone in McCoy's...