In Coronation Street, Becky tried her very best to come to terms that she was about to inflict 18 years of total torture on a poor innocent young one. Like a giddy five year old, Steve couldn't hold in his excitement and told his mum the great news. Some eye candy landed back on the cobbles and it came in the form of Ciaran, aka Keeet from Boyzone *smiles*, and he soon began to tempt Peter back to the drink and also immediately tried it on with Michelle and Carla. He doesn't hang about this lad. Later that evening when faced by a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Peter was unable to resist the temptation and downed a glass of wine. Content that he was able to have one drink, off he skipped to his AA meeting where he told the group he could stop himself after one drink. However, the group leader tried to warn him that he should be careful. Confident that he could handle himself, he then downed a bottle of bubbly at the hard hat party in the new bar and ended up wellied and made a fool out of himself...again. Ken was feeling awfully smug and had to bite his wrinkled old lip from saying..I told you so. Elsewhere, Joe booked the small lake side cottage that he and Gail visited on their honeymoon.....with her credit card

Over in the Emmerdale, it wasn't a very good week for anyone in the village. Hannah found out that Victoria knew who was behind her nasty texts and bullying and was even more upset when she found out that Victoria was involved. Full of anger, the school girl got the Sugden girl and flushed her head down the toilet. Not one to sit back and let her daughter's bullies to get away with it, Moira headed straight to the school and the culprits got suspended. The police arrived at Home Farm stating that they found a body in the woods and asked Natasha to identify it. Since Faye is the legal wife she tagged along for the giggle and ended up supporting Mrs. Wylde. Strange. However, Natasha was given a life line when the body was not Mark. But there was more trouble in the Wylde family, Maisie was like a loose cannon. She turned up drunk at work and then arrived on Katie's doorstep. It's only a matter of time. Finally, Zak took Lisa away for a romantic evening, but they returned to find their bath sitting in the living room floor. The reason being that Shadrach decided to have a bath but fell asleep with the taps running. Needless to say he did a runner.

In the Eastend, there was an awful lot of screaming as per usual. First up there was Roxy who thought she was now a very successful business woman. She began throwing her weight around by telling Billy that he was to start paying her rent in the sum of a thousand pound a week. He of course began popping a few veins in his head and asked Ronnie to help him out, to little avail. Ronnie and Jack got it on on his kitchen floor but when he sort of accused her of murdering her father, she stormed out. Bianca was having an awful time trying to organise her wedding with no money. She received word that her dad, David Wicks, couldn't make it but he did sent her a very nice cheque to the sum of £10,000, to which she chucked in the bin and then saw sense but it was a race against time before it ended up at the bottom of a dump truck. Little Tiff was putting in an Oscar winning performance, what with telling Dotty she was NFI, which translated into Not Flippin' Invited to her birthday party. But Dots granddaughter got her own back by landing Tiff in a dumpster.

Finally, Fair City. Suzanne still hadn't told Damien that she was stupid enough to get involved with the Bishops and now somehow owes Eileen money. Her scapegoat Charlie refused to cover for her and Suzanne turned to Dolores for help, seen as she an the grannies are best mates now. But, Suzanne knew that she had to be honest with her husband and tried to make the confession seem unimportant by offering herself on a plate, which quite frankly was horrid. Orla got a job in London with a PR agency and she had a few drinks in McCoy's to say goodbye to her friends. Even Sarah turned up. Speaking of Sarah, Keith plucked up the courage to ask her out but she declined (thinking she was of a higher class then the mechanic). She had more trouble to deal with when her house was broken into. Serves her right. Finally, Kylie continued to be a freak when she placed a piece of glass in Ben's ice cream. The confusing thing is that I don't know if she did it just to get the chance to talk to Dean or get him in trouble. Either way....she's still a dope.