Some of the EastEnders crew tried their hand at bringing two people back together. Kat and Alfie's relationship was looking like it was six feet under *dabs eyes*, but Michael and Jack were determined to get the lovebirds back on the happy train. In order to make this happen, a dinner party was organised in the beautiful and romantic setting of the boxing ring. Twas a triple date, with Ronnie and Jack, Roxy and Michael and finally Mr and Mrs Moon, clearly a situation that made Ronnie feel extremely awkward. It seemed to go well at the start but Kat ended up rushing back to the Vic all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Michael thought he found out why Ronnie was being such a bee-atch to him; he thought she fancied him. Oh, if only he knew. The next day, Kat went to visit Jean at the hospital and ended up in floods of tears talking about baby Tommy, but when Jean told her that she was being released, Kat begged her to move into the Vic on her return. After initially refusing (her plan was to hang out with some chickens in Bradford...), she agreed. Jack confided in Roxy about his wife's strange behaviour, however, later in the week he had more to worry about when Ronnie went for a walk and never came home. Please God let this be the start of the end of this storyline. In other news, while Roxy's attention was elsewhere, Tanya and Syed were stealing all her clients from the salon and setting up shop in Tanya's house. Dot had a bad fall at home while trying to rush out of the house as she was late for work. Jim desperately called out to his unconscious wife as she lay on the floor. When they didn't see the launderette open, Kat and Carol called round to the house and realised what had happened. However, Dot was fine and was soon back home after being checked at the hospital.

Over in Coronation Street, Chris Fountain *swoons* joined the cast of the street as Tommy Duckworth. All grown up now and resembling a better looking humpalumpa, he arrived looking for Jack and Tyrone and it was up to the latter to inform him that Jack had passed away. After a few beers, it looked like these two lads were going to have a nice wee friendship, which means Tommy could be around for a while. Jim was trying to help Liz get back behind the bar and told Steve he was willing to buy the pub off him. Now, it's pretty clear that Jim is not flush with cash, so where would he get it from? My guess is that he will do something very stupid like rob a bank. Becky thought that this could be a way for their family to start a fresh life, away from the cobbles. Steve was at first shocked at her idea and then realised that if they really wanted to have a quiet life, moving would be the only option but he knew that Tracy wouldn't let Amy go without a fight. Looks like they may do something stupid, again, or at least try anyway. Sally was being showered with lavish gifts from Kevin. While he thought that the flowers and a brand new car would win her back, it actually made her hate him even more. If she was clever though, she could let him keep buying stuff to the point where she's accumulated bits and bobs to the tune of half his winnings, then say "thanks, but no thanks" and keep the items or just sell them all off.

Eileen in Fair City had a dizzy spell and with the fear of death in her, she begged Vivienne to move in to their home. Naturally, Vivienne was less than keen as she didn't want the Bishop boys to influence Charlotte, but the granny told her that 'it's' in her blood. Not quiet sure what 'it' means but I take it she's referring to illegal activity. Somehow I don't see Charlotte robbing off the back of trucks any time soon. Some hobo called Baz tried to find the Bishops and Vivienne, but for some reason they didn't want him around (I didn't get to see the episode with him in it) so Vivienne let the Bishops deal with him using 'Bishop's Law'. She's becoming like Tony Soprano. In other Bishop news, a new member of the family arrived in Carraigstown. Her name was Sash and she liked to wear pyjamas all day long. Dermot didn't like her outfit when she strolled into the community centre, so he tried to ban pj wearers. Cass thought this was a discriminatory of him and in support of Sash, he arrived at the centre sporting his finest bed attire. In other news, Carol was feeling guilty about hurting Christy and was beginning to get worried for the old man as he hadn't opened the shop in a few days. The reason for this was because he was too busy get pissed and being hungover. In a strange turn of events, Louie told Carol that instead of being worried about her ex, they should thank Bob for exposing their relationship.

Finally, Kelly was causing a lot of trouble for Nicola and Carl in Emmerdale. She arrived in the Dales with her son Elliot, who's possibly the cutest little boy in the world, claiming that he was Jimmy's son. Carl demanded that she take a paternity test but she had already done one, how convenient, and produced the results backing up her claim. Nicola was oblivious to this for a few days until Rodney got wind of what was going down (thanks to Kelly) and when he told his daughter, she unleashed an attack on her competition. There was claws and everything. Carl told Nicola that she would have to fight for Jimmy and that he would be on her side the entire way. Later though, Kelly confided in Eve that she lied about the affair so she could win Jimmy back, which makes you wonder what else she's lied about. Diane really wanted Chas to get behind the bar and take the pub off her hands. She came up with an idea and presented it to Chas, sort of like a partnership, that involved a loan from the bank. They gave the green light to lending the money and Chas took up her position of upcoming landlady alongside Diane, which was the start of the handover. Finally, Jackson met up with other people in his situation; something that Hazel thought would help her son see that he can still live a good life. However, Jackson was less then enthusiastic but went along anyway in the hopes of shutting his mother up.