Gerry Ryan meets up with the woman responsible for unleashing Calum Best on the world. Long before Posh and Becs, there was George and Angie Best - a glamorous couple, combining sports and fashion, who also conducted their relationship in the full glare of the media spotlight. They were only married for six years, but it proved to be the defining relationship in Angie's life. Their years together were tumultuous ones as Angie struggled to deal with George's alcoholism, his non-stop womanising - and, eventually, his physical deterioration. They had one child together, the aforementioned Calum, who has experienced his own difficulties in coming to terms with being the son of a legend. Even though George and Angie separated, they remained in close contact in the years that followed - and, unlike his last wife, she was welcomed by the Best family at George's funeral in 2005. In this edition of Ryan Confidential, Angie Best talks candidly to Gerry about her long and complex relationship with Ireland's greatest footballer.