It's safe to assume that Channel 4 bosses are wriggling with glee after this week's cavalcade of hype surrounding Mr. Brand. You can't buy that kind of timing... Indeed, Channel 4 will probably be the only place fans of Brand can get their fix over the coming weeks given he's now quit the Beeb. I wonder if his appearance on tonight's Never Mind The Buzzcocks (9.00pm, BBC2) will get pulled... Following the success of the Bafta-nominated first series, Russell Brand's Ponderland returns for another hip-swiveling run, providing a chance to see Russell at his 'spontaneous best with more unusual perspectives on diverse themes'. In tonight's first episode, Russell delves into the world of pets and uncovers a human obsession fraught with confusion. Meet the lady abused by her religious horse, and is it really possible to learn Kung Fu from a lion?