Alex Zane introduces the last show in the 3-part series, celebrating the most popular stars to appear in online videos. In the brave new world of on-line fame and infamy, this show celebrates such megastars as Gerry The Hand Farter; Key Board Cat; Denise Richards and her fun bags; Cassette Boy; and Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog. Tonight also sees the series finale of Peep Show (so soon?!) at 10.00pm. Time is running out for Jeremy as Elena and Gail's wedding is imminent. However, he thinks there may be a way to get Gail off the scene and win Elena back... Meanwhile, Mark, although conflicted about becoming a father, is worried that Jeff is becoming a potential rival dad. He decides that he's going to learn to drive so that he can take Sophie to the hospital when the baby arrives. Sophie is delighted, but learning to drive doesn't prove that easy.