Here's another opportunity to learn just how AMAZING redheads are. Titian locked people account for only 1% of the world's population and are strongly associated with the fair skinned people of Ireland and Scotland. According to some scientific thought, the gene pool for red hair is dwindling rapidly and will be extinct in 100 years. In many ancient cultures, red hair was perceived as a sign of beauty and nobility. Accounts of the early Celts show that red hair was prevalent and held in high regard, even though it could be considered to involve a certain degree of magical danger. In Ireland, in more recent times, red hair has been strongly associated with superstitions of an adverse nature of which there are complex examples. Aggression, bad luck and an intense sexuality are all considered attributes of red haired people (although the latter is thought to be a rumour started by redheads themselves). The documentary will interweave interviews with scientists, historians, and cultural commentators, with lively accounts of ordinary folk giving their views and experiences of being red haired today. A rich collection of sources from archive footage, paintings, and other artistic representations of the subject will illustrate the film themes. The aim of the film is to reclaim the beauty of red hair and to restore pride to the much abused 'ginger' by illustrating the rich history and cultural significance of this most controversial of hair colours.