It's Grant Mitchell, innit? Well, Albert Square was a long time ago now for the investigative journalist. (That's what he is now). Ross Kemp has spent the last ten years or so going into the deepest, darkest recesses of society, and then showing us all what he has come out with. It can get pretty intense, and tonight's episode is no different. The first in a new series of Extreme World sees Ross Kemp travel to India, to delve into the severe problems they have with rape and child trafficking. It's not going to be an easy watch - but it is a must see. At times, the hard man himself is clearly overwhelmed at what he comes across. Would he not just think of going back to the Vic for a few pints and having a quiet life? Doesn't look like he is planning on any time soon though, but with shows like this to work on, why would he.