'There are two things a guy should be able to do - be romantic and smoke his brains out.' Chain-smoking Nick (Gandolfini) is a blue collar ironworker who builds and repairs bridges for a living. Married to dressmaker Kitty (Sarandon), with whom he has three daughters who have their own punk band, their quiet life gets turned upside down when Kitty finds that Nick is having a torrid affair with highly-sexed redhead Tula (Kate Winslet). Refusing to speak to him but refusing to throw him out, Kitty enrols the help of her '50s throwback cousin Bo (Walken) to seek revenge on the sultry Tula while Nick tries to make a decision - a life of sex with Tula or a life of love with Kitty. Written and directed by John Turturro, this down and dirty musical plays for laughs and, like Johnny Depp's 'Cry Baby', it's not to be taken seriously. Also starring  Steve Buscemi and Mary-Louise Parker.