To celebrate 12 years of River Cottage (TWELVE YEARS), Hugh is hosting a dinner, and he's inviting as many of the people who have inspired him over the years as possible. His cockles are warmed at the prospect of seeing old and friendly faces, but before the event arrives he needs to focus his mind on cooking a fabulous four course dinner. Hugh's mushroom man John Wright is one of the first invitees. John has taunted Hugh for many years over the illusive wood blewit mushroom. Hugh has persuaded meat gurus Ray Smith and Victor Borg to make more canapes. The two men enter the realms of culinary firsts to create smoky pig's tongue in cheek bites... Beach fishing is always a treat, so several of Hugh's seasoned fishing pals join him to indulge their passions and attempt to catch enough fish for his thrifty fish soup starter. When he set out as a smallholder, the first livestock challenge he undertook were his chickens, and ever since they have been a huge part of his life. No better thing to cook then for his 'Heroes' dinner than a River Cottage ten bird spit roast. Yep, he kills the lot. Finally, no dinner would be complete without a succulent pudding, so River Cottage hero Barbara Gunning to make the ultimate ultimate treacle sponge and crumble. The final instalments of The Family (9.00pm) and True Blood (10.00pm) follow.