In River Cottage Every Day, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall takes his passion for cooking into other peoples houses, as he helps everyone from mums and dad to kids bring real, simple and tasty food to the table. In this film Hugh sets out his belief that the way to be able to make organic free range meat fit your budget, is to eat and enjoy cheap cuts rather than cheap meat. He's off to a butcher, to champion these passionate meat practitioners and sell the cheapest cut in the shop - ox liver. Devilled in a hot and spicy sauce (and therefore beyond all recognition) it proves to be a real winner. Hugh takes his passion for cheap, cheerful and hearty stews to a local five-aside team, where he suffers footballing failure but success in setting up a communal stew club. Back at Park Farm, there are also stocks, dumplings and the perfect spag bol. And, because it's a meat, show - of course, the episode ends with a big ole BBQ.