Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's back for a brand new series, and he's encouraging us to stuff our faces with comforting food this winter. Welcome back, Hugh, you've been missed. After travelling to Gloucestershire for expert advice on making pear cider, he undergoes a crash course in professional free diving and takes to the open sea to find scallops. He also joins foraging guru John Wright to hunt for mushrooms in the woods, visits a mass tree planting day in the Peak District and uses the offal from his two-year-old steer to make a hearty stew. We're hoping for something chocolate fudge related next week... In other culinary viewing, the third installment of The Restaurant can also be seen at 8.00pm (BBC2). Tonight, the remaining six couples actually get to see the inside of their restaurant, after faffing about in a load of fast joints last week. In a bid to attract customers, Raymond Blanc challenges them to take to the city's streets with samples that define their concepts, before opening night offers an opportunity to prove they can run a busy kitchen in conjunction with smooth service.