Some fans praised the soap for the storyline but others have found it too violent pre-watershed.

In Monday night's episode of Emmerdale, viewers were shocked to see Pierce Harris rape new wife Rhona on their wedding night. Rape Crisis praised the show for raising awareness and said it was an important story to tell. Speaking on This Morning, actress Zoe Henry (who plays Rhona) spoke about how storylines such as this can see an increase in reports to the police, making it a worthy story to cover.

However, some viewers found the scenes too harrowing for its 7pm slot, with Ofcom receiving 62 complaints. The scenes showed Pierce being extremely violent with Rhona, but Zoe Henry said the attack was "implied" rather than shown. Other viewers have praised Emmerdale for covering such a difficult topic, arguing that soaps shouldn’t shy away from real subjects because of time slots.

Story via digitalspy