ANOTHER restaurant show I know, but look, they make for pretty entertaining viewing don't they? This new series will follow Michelin star chefs Simon Rogan and Aiden Byrne, as they both try to open fine-dining restaurants just a few hundred yards from each other in Manchester, a city known for being resistant to Michelin-style food. Nick's bistro on Corrie must be as swanky as it gets so, no wonder Dev's kebabs do so well. Anyways, Rogan will take over a French restaurant in the city's Midland Hotel, but the news of his arrival and elaborate 10-course tasting menu is met with resistance by staff and customers. Meanwhile, Aiden has to impress his backer, who has spent £3million on Manchester House - which is still being built. By the sounds of it, this city would be happy if these fine cuisine chefs just went back to where they came from, but sure maybe they'll win some folk over, I say, maybe they'll win folk over!