It's the last episode of the current series of Republic of Telly which has had some quality sketches over the weeks, and some... not so quality. We've definitely enjoyed the various 'Jens of the Week' but we will be looking forward to when the real Jen is back in her rightful place. We've missed Bridget and Eamon for a start. Tonight will see Voice of Ireland judge and former Saturdays member Una Foden step in to help the lads, who are freaking out about the end of the season and decide to recruit Una for a 'charity' single. While we also go back to 1988, where Una has just written the draft script of the first ever episode of ‘Fair City’ but a Terminator has been sent back in time on a very specific mission, to DESTROY the script and ensure that ‘Fair City’ never comes to pass. No Carrigstown? What sort of monstrosity of a world would that be?