Despite the fact that the crashing property market should spell unemployment for the lovely Phil and Kirstie, Britain's favourite property experts are returning to Channel 4 for a brand new series. Once again, they will use all their knowledge and expertise to find some loved-up couple their first home together. Howard Green and Joanna Holme are looking to find a home in one of the towns or villages to the north of Manchester to accommodate Howards desk driving job near the city, while staying relatively close to Joanna's parents in Cumbria. But with these textile towns within commuting distance and with a countryside location, there's a terrific demand. After losing 20 grand on the stock market, Howard also wants to secure his financial future with a nice little rentable flat in Hull, and he wants both properties for the measly sum of £190 grand. Shouldn't somebody tell him this is a bad time to invest in property?