Phil Spencer is back in Oz, on a mission to help more aspiring ex-pats to make their antipodean move a successful one. He is well qualified for the task, with an Australian wife, a love of the country and an intimate knowledge of its property market. In this edition, Phil helps the Dancer (they are human) family from Coventry relocate to South Australia's capital, Adelaide. Lisa, Jason and their four children are looking for a new start and, with their rental lease coming to an end, the pressure's on to find a place to call home. But there's a catch: Mum and Dad are looking for different things. Accountant Jason is after a reasonably priced house, with just a short commute to work; Lisa just wants what is good for her four kids - a home with lots of bedrooms and beachside living, far from the city. What's more, they've been looking for six months and haven't found a thing.