Well. After watching this for two weeks straight, we feel we have the right to announce it's largely a disappointment. This remake of Reginald Perrin just doesn't convey the right kind of despair. Sure, we the viewer feel despair at being subjected to low grade regurgitated tripe at a primetime hour of a Friday, but there's no sense of Reggie's about-to-boil-over-misunderstood-man-on-the-edge-surrounded-by-idiots desperation which was most enjoyable to watch in the original. Now Clunes's reincarnation appears to be the idiot, bumbling through his day which is peppered with fantasies of his mother being swiped off the couch by large foam boulder on a string. If you're still on for watching tonight's episode; a possible change of career presents itself to Reggie as he gives a talk at Nicola's school - which he enjoys so much that he invites the class to spend a day at Groomtech. However, the trip does not quite turn out as planned.