For fans of EastEnders, it was a little bit mind-boggling to get our heads around seeing Kat and Alfie out of Albert Square and in a small town in Waterford in this stylistically shot new spin-off drama Redwater. Nevertheless, it's got one of the week's biggest primetime slots, so despite it getting a hammering for its use of Irish stereotypes, no doubt a lot of you will be tuning in again tonight. It sees the villagers struggling to come to terms with the death of one of their own, while Lance's daughter Eileen returns from the US after more than 20 years - although Roisin is less than keen to catch up with her estranged sister. At the holiday cottage, Alfie tries to persuade Kathleen not to go to the wake, but she goes along regardless. Will her meddling lead to confirmation that Andrew is her son or will she put her position in the village in jeopardy?