It's all about a taxi robbery that goes wrong in this week's Red Rock with the Guards called to the scene where a young, dark haired man, with track marks down his arms and no ID has been fatally injured.

It dawns on Angela that her son Conor fits the description and she can’t help but fear the worst when Conor doesn’t answer her call and is a no show at work. Angela frantically runs to the accident, arriving just as the paramedics pull a blanket over the body. All stops still – Angela feels as though her world is about to crash down around her until she realises it isn’t Conor’s body but rather that of his childhood friend, Daniel Dooley.

The news of his friend's death hits Conor pretty badly, especially as he had just seen him earlier on in the day and refused to give him money for a hit. He feels responsible and finds himself seeking comfort with Rachel... oh dear. Bad idea, Conor!