Shouty McCanyon Chin is back for the third series of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA . Gordon heads to (you'll never guess) America (!!) in a bid to rescue failing restaurant owners from imminent disaster and provide them with a recipe for success. In this first episode, Gordon visits the Hot Potato Café in Fishtown, Philadelphia. With no profit made in its two years of trading and an influential restaurant reviewer dubbing them 'Spuddy Hell', Gordon soon realises Hot Potato may have had its chips... The three owners - sisters Claire, Kathryn and Erin - rely on their niece, 21-year-old Danielle, to cook in the kitchen. The problem is that Danielle's the first to admit that not only does she lack the training, or the tools, to cook but that she also lacks the passion. Can Gordon get the locals rooting for the cafe? If you're half keeping a peeper on Popstar to Operastar (9.00pm, UTV), they've reached the semi-final stage. Only four contestants remain - Kym Marsh, Marcella Detroit (AKA the winner), Bernie Nolan, and Darius 'Campbell'.