It's safe to say they're a nation of cat-lovers across the water: they keep more than seven million as pets, buy 400,000 tonnes of cat food every week, and spend a RIDICULOUS £55 million on cat toys every year. Pussies Galore meets three women who are feline fanatics. Julie, who lives in Cheshire with husband Gordon, is utterly devoted to her fluffy white chinchilla, Mr Darcy. Julie has been showing cats competitively for nine years, and the film follows Julie as she preens, pampers and prepares Mr Darcy to compete for the first time, doing every last little thing for him: "It's a poor do," comments her husband Gordon, "when you've got to feed a cat with a knife and fork." In Wales, Anne lives in a farmhouse with 20 acres of land, and a colony of 83 cats. Describing herself as their slave, she cleans 40 litter trays twice a day, forks out £8,000 on cat food every year, and hasn't been on holiday for 16 years: "Maybe I've created my own prison, and the cats are my prison walls, but I wouldn't change it for the world."