We shed tears in the office when Pulling was pulled. Why, BBC, WHY?! It's the only edgy comedy you've produced in the last 5 years. You pull this, yet recommission Horne and Corden?!? But what's done is done. At least they've come across with this hour-long finale special. The last ever episode of the comedy begins with Louise, Donna and Karen content in their relationships - but their happiness is short-lived. Karl arrives back from Italy with a fiancee in tow, and Louise realises she actually hates 'the love of her life' Joe just as he is proposing to her in a hot-air balloon. Karen, our favourite character, is having an awful time. She's tootling along fine until Billy staggers back into her life and informs her that he's dying. She decides that she's going help him do all the things in life that he wished he done. What she didn't realise was that all these things were to be done on drugs and she is soon sucked back into a world of drunken insanity. Sharon Horgan, Tanya Franks and Rebekah Staton star.