For the last eight years, Sarah 'The Baps' Beeny has been guiding budding property developers through the renovation game. Many failed to listen to her advice but often saw their bad decisions saved by a rising property market. But now, with the housing market downturn - and lending still in crisis - there's never been a harder time to develop. In tonight's first episode, applying for a mortgage isn't necessary when 'The Bank of Mum and Dad' can fund your development dreams. Back in 2007, when the property market was starting to show signs of a slowdown, Sarah met 29-year-old Rick Dickinson as he roped in his mum Margaret and dad Andy to help fund his renovation of an enormous four-bedroom Victorian terrace in Battersea, South London. At the same time, 21-year-old Natasha Burr persuaded her mum Debbie to sell the family home and give her all the equity to bankroll her ambitious plan to transform a run-down bungalow into a family home. Eeeeeeeeep. Sarah soon realises that both property novices have big problems with their plans. And as the downturn in the housing market starts to bite, it becomes a race to try and turn a profit when they're facing the prospect of making a loss.