Sarah returns to "catch up" with budding property developers Andy Davenport and Leanne Hewitt at the start of their latest development. Their last project, in Croydon, saw them dealing with crumbling terraces and falling down garages, but so far nothing has deterred them from trying to build up their property empire. This time, they've taken on a bungalow with the potential to build a house alongside it; and think there's mega bucks to be made on a plot of land. But with the market at its worst in history, is it all too much to handle? Following at 10.00pm is the only genuinely amusing thing on terrestrial telly at present, that being You Have Been Watching. Tonight, Charlie Brooker is joined by Frankie Boyle and Frank Skinner. He's also bound to have some arbitrary female present who'll no doubt be consumed by the collective darkness of her cohorts.