So how have Sarah's wannabe property developers surviving in the current climate? Yep, it's another "revisiting" episode. The Beeny returns to Windsor to see if Patsy and John Parnell are any closer to the dream of mortgage-free living. This time, the couple think they've hit the jackpot with an old pub they plan to turn into a luxury family home, while also building two semi detached houses on the land. Keeping their spending down and getting the layout right could see them make a small fortune, but have they learnt anything from their previous mistakes? Also featured are Andy and Amanda Tindall who are planning to seriously upgrade a three-bedroom house they've bought, in the hope to entice high rollers to part with some serious cash. But they're slightly perplexed when Sarah suggests that the best thing to do is to knock the house down and start again; do they have the guts to follow Sarah's advice. Fans of Peepshow will be tickled to hear that David Mitchell will be sparring with Charlie Brooker on this week's episode of You've Been Watching at 10.00pm.