Why do the Irish Drink so much? Is it the weather? Is it living under the yoke of the Catholic Church or the sceptre of British rule? Or is it just because we can't say no? The Savage Eye is a satirical comedy show that seeks to answer this perennial question. Written by and starring comic David McSavage, and directed by Kieron J. Walsh (Raw, When Brendan Met Trudy) the show examines (through vox pops, satirical documentary and sketches) the reasons the Irish give for being the biggest nation of drinkers on the planet. These range from the weather, our shyness and our ugliness, to the weight of Catholic guilt of the legacy of British rule. We meet pub owner Bull Mick, see Ireland on the psychiatrists couch, and hear the 'Rapaholics' (David McSavage and Aidan Bishop) attempt to dissuade a transition year class from falling under the spell of alcohol. This could be brilliance, or it could just be McSavage shouting his head off. Tune in to find out.