The last in the current series - which we've been milking rigorously - sees Professor Lesley put the beauty business to the test. Using scientific advice she creates the ultimate stress-free exercise regimen - with surprising results - and exploits the shortcomings of anti-ageing treatments, showing that factors such as face shape and hairstyle can do more to portray a person's age than wrinkles themselves. Finally, the doctor dispels the myths surrounding detox and looks at advertising campaigns for razors. There's a new series we'll no doubt be plugging to death starting afterwards at 9.00pm, called Keep It in The Family. It's a documentary in which parents hand over the reins of the family business to their reluctant children, in a bid to secure the firm's future. This first episode places the spotlight on Gary Don, who has dedicated his life to the auction house he inherited from his father and grandfather. However, the establishment's fate remains uncertain as his 28-year-old son, Jamie, prefers to direct music videos.