Speaking on a mobile phone, texting, using a sat nav, eating and applying make-up are bad habits that many drivers commit on a regular basis. But everyday actions like these, done while driving, can turn ordinary people into criminals in a split second. Distracted driving contributes to thousands of accidents a year. Police, Camera Action investigates why nearly 40 per cent of drivers still take the risk. The programme, lovingly entitled 'Distracted, Dangerous and Dumb' shows lots of footage of drivers being dumb, including a girl talking on a mobile phone who completely loses control at the wheel; a driver reading a newspaper while driving; and a bus driver, so engrossed in reading a text, that he fails to see the traffic ahead has stopped and crashes. The show's host, Gethin Jones, also meets Pauline Bradley, who was hit by a car as she walked across a pedestrian crossing - because the driver was changing the music on his CD player and failed to see her.