Loose woman Denise Welch, who plays Steph Haydock in Waterloo Road (and who used to pull pints in The Rovers under the name of Natalie), returns to her home town of Consett, Co Durham, to spend a tough week doing the job that, up until now, she has only acted on television. For one week only, she is going to be playing the part of a real teacher in a real school. Denise will find that in the real world there are no dress rehearsals, no script and no one to shout "Cut!" when it all goes wrong. She is on her todd, left to sink or swim. Ms Welch will be taking over from Head of English at Consett Community Sports College, home to 800 students and the school that once gave an education to a certain Jacqueline Denise Welch. How will she deal with the day-to-day life of a teacher, involving lesson planning, marking, disruptive children and inspections? Over the course of the working week, we get to see just how far an actor's life really is from the genuine article.