PJ is on a mission. An experienced biker, he has always loved riding motorbikes but now he's decided to take it one step further. He's going to compete in this year's Irish Clubman Track Race against thirty experienced riders in Mondello Park and he's aiming for a top 10 finish. It will be a long and difficult road fret with danger as he tries to bring himself up to competitive standard. Both he and his bike will need a complete overhaul; a strict diet will be enforced to lose any spare tyres, plus a rigid fitness regime to get himself in shape. With the help of his trainer, Mark 'Big Man' Kelly, PJ is hoping to achieve a podium finish in his first race season. Bike racing in Ireland is hugely popular and has a very dedicated, close knit community. Over 100,000 people attend the North West 200 every year, making it the biggest sporting occasion in the country. Participants and hardcore fans live for their biking, sleep in their vans during race events and care little for the trappings of modern life, everything they earn goes into their bikes. These are the people PJ will introduce us to as he navigates through their world, searching for the reason why people live like this and compete in such a dangerous sport.