In the third show of this six part series, Piers Morgan interviews Katie Price, about life under the media spotlight. In this intimate hour-long interview, filmed entirely in front of a studio audience, Katie talks frankly (for a change) and relives some of the more difficult moments in her life (akin to Alicia Douval's recent revelation on Living's Celebrity Rehab) which lead to some unexpected tears. She also speaks openly about her husband and family, her career including: how she misses doing glamour shoots; how she 'couldn't be happier' with her marriage to Peter and they are planning more children; her thoughts on being a role model (eeeeep); and she reveals if she was never in love with Dwight Yorke (we're guessing she steers clear of the Dane Bowers debacle). The show also includes insightful interviews with Katie's brother Daniel Price, sister Sophie, her mother Amy and, of course, Peter.