Special edition of the magazine show focusing on the life of Pablo Picasso, coinciding with a major exhibition at the National Gallery displaying many of his most famous works. Andrew Graham-Dixon travels to Paris to uncover the cubist's fascination with the Grand Masters of European painting. Includes contributions by the artist's biographer Pierre Daix, and his grandson Olivier Picasso - in other (alleged) cultural happenings - The South Bank Show is giving Will Young his very own special on UTV at 10.35pm – in which to plug his fourth album. Matt Cain's documentary following the singer-songwriter and sometime actor as he promotes his record Let It Go (indeed, Will), rehearses for a sell-out theatre tour and prepares to celebrate his 30th birthday. The film goes backstage at Will's recent appearances on The X Factor, Top Gear and Question Time and visits his holiday home in Brighton, while the Brit Award-winner stops off at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre to discuss his part in Noel Coward's play The Vortex.