Hosted by Jonathan Ross, the show will once again see the masters of magic (and grimness), Penn and Teller take on aspiring magicians... with a once in a lifetime chance to perform in Las Vegas at stake. Each show will see Penn and (to a lesser extent) Teller throw the gauntlet to magicians and illusionists to perform their most baffling trick in the hope of fooling the world's most famous magic double act. If any of the performers do manage to mystify the iconic duo they will win a 5 star trip to Las Vegas and the opportunity to perform in Penn and Teller's hit stage show. The Las Vegas legends will have no prior knowledge of either the magicians or their planned performance. They’ll watch the trick/illusion just like the viewers at home and then try and work out how the magicians wowed the audience - can they be fooled? Or, more importantly, marginally entertained... This week, comedy magician Mark Shortland, French performer Mathieu Bich, double act Young & Strange, and reformed card-sharp Daniel Madison try to outwit the illusionists with mind-boggling tricks.