It has to be said, there's no one quite like EastEnders for keeping a story under wraps, as nobody was expecting to see Peggy Mitchell in Thursday night's episode. There she was, swanning herself out in Portugal, not a bother on her.

Well that was until news of Phil and Sharon's wedding reached her, and we got to see Peggy's wrath in all its glory as she hissed that Sharon would NOT become a Mitchell again. She's clearly not over that whole Sharon having an affair with her sons things then.

Last we saw of her, she was egging Ronnie to go back to Walford and stop the wedding from going ahead, although as we seen last night, Ronnie was easily swayed when she was chatting to Phil.

Speaking of her surprise return, Windsor told Digital Spy; "Peggy just couldn't resist putting her oar in when it comes to Sharon, who she has never forgiven for breaking up her precious boys Phil and Grant."

"The scenes are typical Peggy and it was great to play her kicking off again and of course working with the lovely Sam Womack as Ronnie. I hope it was a nice surprise for the EastEnders fans."

That it was, now bring her back again!