Peep Show Night celebrates the longest running originated comedy on Channel 4, kicking off with the behind-the-scenes documentary - which means we'll get to see David Mitchell engaging a camera in a sexual manner. In September 2003, Channel 4 gave its first airing to a show that was to bring a new edge to comedy. Since then, Peep Show has garnered a raft of top comedy awards and is widely acknowledged as one of the UK's all-time most original comedies. Peep Show & Tell reflects on why the show has attracted such an extraordinary cult following, giving a behind-the-scenes take on why it's enjoyed such critical acclaim and features interviews with hard core Peep Show fans everywhere from New Zealand to New Malden. All the main cast, the writers and various other followers of Mark and Jez's chaotic progress through life offer their thoughts and opinions and look back upon their favourite moments. At 10.05pm, we've got the latest installment from the current series, which sees Mark invite his parents over for Christmas lunch (heplans everything down to the last detail - but Jeremy becomes over-excited, then Dobby and Super Hans turn up uninvited). Following at 10.40pm and 11.15pm are two favourite episodes as chosen by Channel 4 viewers.