Following the looooong-running success of Killinaskully Pat Shortt returns to our television screens this Christmas in a pilot for a brand new TV series. About bleedin' time 'n all. The comedian and award-winning actor plays Mattie Dwyer, a country detective, transferred to a city station - whose recurring ability to get into comic misadventures soon surfaces. Teamed up with feisty female detective Sharon Kelly, Mattie struggles to adapt to the rough and tumble of city policing, ridicule at the hands of smug fellow detectives, Tom and Felix, and the watchful eye of Superintendent O'Meara. Further comic complications in the form Mattie's demanding bed-ridden mother, her friend Sr. Philemena, a rogues gallery of criminals and an under-cover cop who can't get a proper pair of high heels add the final ingredients to the mix. Filmed in Limerick in July, Pat Shortt's Mattie was written by Shortt and Mike Finn, script edited by David Cummings (who's also been involved with The Fast Show, as well as Harry Enfield & Chums. So it might actually be good. If a little repetitive).