Reminiscent of Shortt's mockumentary Maurice Hickey Rockin' de Vote, the comedian appears in the second of his two pilot television programmes (the first of which, Pat Shortt's Mattie, was broadcast on Christmas day) This 'mockumentary' follows the fortunes of community radio presenter Christy Ball, and his long-suffering wife, Maura. Filmed in Limerick and Tipperary in November and December, the show is a behind-the-scenes look at Newtown Community Radio featuring the offbeat musings and philosophies of its founder and chief presenter. Starring Pat Shortt and Sue Collins as his wife and producer, this ode to Partridge will also air the sometimes unorthodox views of Christy's legion of phone-in fans as they respond to radio items such as 'The Ball Hop', 'The Crystal Ball' and 'Breaking Ball.' Outside the studio, the programme will highlight the many campaigns that Christy and Maura instigate to improve their community and show a more reflective Christy fishing or working on his beloved poetry. If you've a horn for homegrown comedy tonight for some reason, RTE are obliging with Tommy and Hector's Craic House at 9.25pm. Childhood friends Tommy Tiernan and Hector O h'Eochagain present a one-off chat show from the Radisson Hotel in Galway, featuring music, comedy, special guests and, we suspect, an inordinent amount of shouting.