The team are still reeling over the consequences of the last set of images, aware that their intervention means a violent attacker, Stuart Taylor, is on the loose, as the 'high-concept' investigative drama continues. More images arrive in the control room showing two dead bodies; one is a charred corpse and the second is twisted and broken from a fall. Lovely. Other images include a petrol canister, a safety strap and a fire hydrant marker, leading the team to believe they are looking at a future fire. While Ben and Rebecca focus on the job in hand, Callum cannot get Taylor out of his mind. He becomes convinced he has been given instructions by a higher power to protect Sonia, a beautician who he fears is in danger, but she finds his behaviour strange and demands he leaves her alone. Opera enthusiasts should stay tuned for Imagine: Placido Domingo - The Time of My Life at 11.35pm.