This is just a heads up for those of you who've missed it on RTE2 and don't yet realise just how pants it is. That may seem a bit harsh, especially since I've only watched one episode, but it didn't motivate to seek out another… Put it this way, the comparisons to Mad Men was waaaaay off the mark. Christina Ricci's MASSIVE eyes star in this drama following the fortunes of four air stewardesses in the rapidly changing world of 1960s America. New recruit Laura struggles to deal with a taste of fame, while her sister Kate secretly prepares to risk everything for a chance at a new life. Meanwhile, rebellious purser Maggie receives an unexpected call, French stewardess Colette spots a face from her past, and newly promoted pilot Dean frets over the whereabouts of Bridget, the woman he hopes to marry. Expect lots of giggling.